They’re much more than just tokens of appreciation. They’re tokens that keep the community going.


It’s no secret: caregivers aren’t paid enough for their work. The bulk of caregiving tasks fall into the hands of women, many of whom are mothers and must balance careers on top of their own caregiving responsibilities.

But why is such a critical component to collective wellbeing historically overlooked and underpaid? Where would we be without the people who educate our children, nurse our elders and feed our communities?

Abulé is here to shift the narrative surrounding caregiving and compensation. We help caregivers amass wealth to make up for all the lost years at work. We do so through the trading of$CARE tokens.

So, what is a $CARE token, anyway? In this article, we’ll give you a full breakdown of what they are and how they work, including:

  • What are $CARE tokens?
  • How do I use my tokens?
  • The future of $CARE tokens

What Are $CARE Tokens?

$CARE tokens are tokens that are used to trade or pay for services on the Abulé platform. Earned tokens may be used within the platform or cashed out as extra income. Think of them as the currency exclusively built for the Abulé community. One $CARE token equates to $5. $CARE tokens can be bought using standard dollar currency or with cryptocurrency. If you’re curious about how to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the Abulé platform, you can check out this article here.

How Do I Use My Tokens?

$CARE tokens help buyers and sellers trade value within the ecosystem. They can be used in a variety of ways. For starters, you can use your $CARE tokens to pay for caregiving services. You can send caregivers $CARE tokens from directly inside the Abulé platform. Tokens can also be used to pay for community activities. If you like, you can also exchange $CARE tokens for cash.

Ultimately, Abulé community members are rewarded for helping others with $CARE tokens, enabling the under-economy of caregivers to amass wealth.

Looking Ahead: The Future of $CARE Tokens

As the first care economy on blockchain, Abulé is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies that empower strong, independent communities. Together, we’re building the future of decentralized care – and we want you to join us. To learn more about how cryptocurrency and the blockchain will play a future role in the village, check out this article.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us! Our team is happy to help.