About us

The fast-paced, high-tech world in which we live was not created to support modern-day parenting. Today, families no longer live within the same community, while childcare costs have skyrocketed. With the majority of parents working, families are left strapped for support they can count on. 

That’s why we built the village. 

The Village was established to connect families to communities they can trust for childcare support. By using digital technologies, The Village democratizes access to caregivers, and parents receive the benefits of raising their children in a safe, harmonious village.

Our Mission

Abulé is a digital ecosystem that enables parents to democratize childcare through a unique barter system.

Our Vision

To build a global village that enables work-life harmony for all.

Our Core Values

Our mantra is simple. We repeatedly ask: WHAT WOULD A PARENT DO (WWPD)? 

This guidance has led to values that reflect the wisdom, concerns and wishes of a well-intentioned parent


Our #1 concern is the safety of our children. As such, we do our due diligence to ensure that all caregivers are thoroughly vetted. Parents play an active role in building their network, while we reinforce accountability by ensuring caregivers serve children in small cohorts.


The beauty of our unique barter system lies in the fact that parents are able to source help from people that are either already within their own network, or people linked through mutual connection. Define what quality and trust look like for you.


Keep track of your little munchkin at all times. Open lines of communication among caregivers and parents have been built to ensure parents can reach their children at all times.

Our Culture

“A child belongs not to one parent or home.” – African Proverb

At The Village, we strive to give our tribe another home. A place in which their voice is heard, their opinions matter and their feedback shapes our community. 

We have developed a healthy and strong culture that is informed by five vital elements: awareness, acceptance, appreciation, perseverance, and preservation.

Awareness: to be better, we have to acknowledge that there is a gap between where we are today and the better we want to be tomorrow. We are a Tribe that always works to close the gap.

Appreciation: we work hard but we are not quiet about celebrating our wins, as well as one another's successes – in business and in life.   

Acceptance: to achieve work-family-life harmony for all, we must be willing to accept that we, too, cannot do it all alone. We embrace our strengths, while leaning on one another to mitigate our weaknesses.

Perseverance: we are obsessed with finding solutions that will further support parents, children and society. We know this is no small feat – but we work tirelessly to find a path to a better tomorrow. 

Preservation: we believe families are sacred, energy is finite, and time is scarce. We move in accordance with these laws within our tribe and on behalf of The Village.

Our Tribe

A Village can only be established through an outpour of hard work, commitment, and love. And that’s what the tribe behind The Village has sought to do. 

We are more than colleagues. We’re a tribe of caregivers, creators and connectors. We look forward to creating community with you.

Toyosi Babalola

Founder & CEO

Favorite quote: The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small. - Mother Teresa

Toyosi epitomizes the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one’. For over a decade, she has worn multiple hats in the IT industry; but most importantly, she is a mom who has a broad view of the various mom archetypes and the challenges that accompany each. Knowing firsthand the struggles that parents face in trying to achieve work-family-life harmony, a bold vision was conceived to revive the village that it takes to raise our children by leveraging ancient wisdom with technology to make it work for modern parents. When Toyosi is not daydreaming about her next venture, she enjoys music, singing, dancing, yoga, nature walks, mathematics, and anything to do with creativity or a body of water.

Kathy Eastwood


Favorite quote: Think Idealistically, not realistically

Kathy is the Founder of E equals Why, inspiring and enabling all types of leaders to unlock their potential. She is an accomplished executive with over 25 years’ experience across various roles functions, including Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Sales, SaaS, Services, Customer Success and Engineering. Often described as a nurturing driver she knows how to successfully get things done through strong employee engagement. Her personal mission is to lead with empathy. You can find Kathy traveling around the world, enjoying a great meal or golfing with her husband in her free time.

Anu Olotu

Graphic Designer

Favorite quote: Do it scared

Anu graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and minor in real estate. She is a designer and is passionate about community-focused, intimate design. She excels in bringing clients’ ideas to life and creating professional, marketable results with her expertise in graphic design. On days when Anu isn’t calculating square footages or picking fonts, she enjoys Latin social dancing.

Fisayo Akintomiwa


Favorite quote: Anything worth doing, worth doing well - Philip Stanhope

Fisayo is a passionately curious software engineer with significant years of professional experience during which he dived deep into programming languages and technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Nodejs, LESS, SCSS, React, NextJs, Relational and Document database to build, design and maintain softwares. He also loves playing video games.